Guide to Get More Gems in Dawn of Titans iPhone

NaturalMotion has launched Dawn of Titans on ios and android as an action strategy mmo game where you can control and guide your epic titans into monumental 3D battles filled with thousands of troops

dawn of titans beginer tutorial iphone android

You can also get involved in the wage war against other players and take over their land through with your army and your skill on the battlefield.

In line with this, every time, you go through the battle, your Kingdom will level up to be more powerful and get more XP to upgrade your Kingdom

Every time, your kingdom has increased its level, it will unlock new upgrades, buildings, and lead you to become more powerful in battle.

On the other side, you must construct more buildings and upgrade them to be most profitable one
At this point, the castle is the largest building in your City, upgrading it can unlock upgrades for all other buildings.

There is also the army camp to train your units
Be sure to upgrade that camp to build more units, and to unlock further upgrades for the Barracks.

The Garrison building is where defensive troops that has a duty to defend your City.
You can assign troops to the Garrison to improve the defense of your City

You can use the portal stones to transport your troops into wherever you want
If you can upgrade the Portal, it can increase the number of Portal Stones your kingdom.

Later on, you must upgrade the farm to produce more food that will be useful to train troops.
Besides, you must also upgrade the granary to store more food from the farm

One thing important is to upgrade the market as it can produce more Gold, which is used to upgrade buildings.
At the same time, you must also upgrade the gold vault to store more gold that you have collected from the Market.

For further, upgrading the Barracks can train more troops then upgrading the armoury can increase the level of the troops you produce.

Meanwhile, this game will feature the premium currency in form of gems or diamonds
Generally, you will get some gems for free by completing every mission or winning the battle in this game
If you want to get some gems, you can purchase them form iaps
With a bunch of gems that you have got, you can do anything in this game



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