Guide to Get Gold Star Belt in The Muscle Hustle Android

The Muscle Hustle as a free to play action striker game from gumi will allow you to smack enemies to become a world wrestling champion in this game

the muscle hustle walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will have to manage manage a group of small town to reach high rank of wrestling fame.

In the way of realizing it, you will travel from town to town, while building up your reputation and challenging other wrestlers to become the most famous team in the world.

In your journey to become pro wrestlers, you will strike other wrestlers with easy slingshot controls.
Through each challenge, you can level up wrestlers from all over the world and dominate the ring with easy to do special moves.

Every wrestler in this game will have a unique set of special abilities.
So, just tap a wrestler in the ring to see what they can do or you can tap the clipboards on the desk to do so.

When it is about to challenge other wrestlers, they will have a cooldown ability, which takes a while to warm up.
So, just go for the knock out before they use their ability.

In the mean time, be sure to watch out for teammates with special abilities on each turn
Also, you should learn how to use them to your advantage in each turn.

On the other side, wrestling sponsors will give you gifts periodically
Be sure to gather them up by selecting a gift from the gift board.
Later on, make sure to check back often to get more free rewards or you can purchase an extra retry.

If you want to get more gifts from this game, be sure to play daily events
Playing in these special events will give you a chance to get big prizes

Gold is the premium of this game that you have to collect from the game
You can get it by taking part in many events and win the match
Besides, by winning in each match, you will also be rewarded with star belt as your achievement


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