Guide to Get Gold and Gems in Wonder5 Masters Android

Eyedentity Mobile has recently launched Wonder5 Masters as new RPG that you can play mainly on the andorid devices

wonder5 masters walkthrough ios android

In this first launch, you will get a bunch of reward by playing in the event
Here, you will have to complete the following missions such as creating a character profile to get 80 Gems

Beating the Boss of stage 1.10 will earn you 10x Random Hero Fragment Chest and defeating the Boss of stage 3.5 will give you 1 S-Grade Equipment Chest

Besides, be sure to participate in the Raid 10 times to get 100,000 gold coins then go through 50th floor of Air Fortress to get 1,000 Gems

To get more rewards, you have to defeat the legendary faker, in which if you can beat level 1 faker, you will get 1,000 gold and 100 gems while defeating level 2 will earn you 10,000 Gold, 200 Gems and 10x Random Hero Fragment Chest


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