Groovy Coins in Pinchworm iPhone

Pinchworm is the product of Unity & Variety for ios and android platforms
Here, you will take a control of an inchworm whose lover has been stolen by the bird.

pinchworm walkthrough ios android

Thus, you will get to jump over rocks, dive under plants then go as far as you can to rack up a high score and earn coins.

To perform a diving, you can let your fingers pinch outwards
In order to make the worm dive upwards just pinch inwards.

Sometimes, you may do the wrong motion, which will make you run into the obstacle in a stage.
To get rid of this, just hit it to move to the left.
Then hit another one to move further to the left.
Afterward, you can then hit a third one to run

You can also keep moving on the left as you will get far more warning time before reaching the next obstacle there.
After getting hit twice, you will earn points.

As said earlier, you will have to collect coins in the middle of the game
To get them more, all you will do is to watch a promotional video
Once watching one of those videos, you will be granted with coins for free.
Be sure to do this when your internet connection is on

With all the coins you have collected form there, you can then purchase more worms.
In the beginning of the game, you will get four worms which will play in the same world
If you have purchased the other worms, you can play with them in a different world.
As an illustration, you can play in Glowy’s world, which is black and white
There, the plants and rocks will change appearance to be rounder which will make the world differ


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