Green Crystals Cheats in Goblin Defenders 2 Heroes and Towers iPhone

Shpaga Games has introduced their newest game, Goblin Defenders 2 Heroes and Towers where you will be asked to join the best Tower Defense through 60 furious tower defense battles in three worlds for crystals and gold coins

goblin defenders 2 walkthrough ios android

Here, you will meet some heroes such as Fox, Goblin, Robot and Necromant that will protect your base from any incoming enemies

To protect your territory, you will have 6 basic towers with a dozen of improvement options where you will equip your towers with some advance weapons like cannons or archers

You can also put mines and stone quarries to beat enemies at once
At this point, the mine will give you with resources every 1 hour and this will allow you to upgrade your towers into the most powerful ones
To get some powerful weapons, you can get special Mega Cannon that will blow up enemies instantly

Every time you beat enemies, you will get some special rewards in form of coins and crystals, the main currencies in this game

On the other side, be sure to shoot all passing enemies as you will be rewarded with stars that will dress up your shoulder straps nicely

In each stage, you will be able to get some gold coins that you can use to upgrade your soldiers in the Armory.
Besides gold coins, you will also require energy to do every action in this game
In line with this, you can fight against enemies with more spirits and you can complete missions well.
Meanwhile, you will also get 200 crates from your reserves that you can use to build anything you like
In the way of upgrading the towers, you will really need stone and iron.

On the other side, you can train your hero, which will guide you to make your hero to become the youngest professor among the goblins
Moreover, if you can train your heroes well, they will get some useful skills

In this game, some goblins can use crystals to purchase anything, from stones and iron to sulfur and dynamite

In order to beat enemies in a quick time, you can use global freeze that will freeze every enemy for 10 seconds on the map.
Because if this, you can easily beat them with few attacks and with your skills
Also, you can try using Megabomb which can make massive damage to every enemy passing by on the map.

Sometimes, you will also need dynamite that can blow up obstacles in the forest.
Plus, this dynamite can blow up any enemy passing by in your territory, so that you can achieve world peace there

In addition, using spirit tank and spirit generator will give you advantage when battling with enemies
Here, spirit tank can increase the capacity of your spirit to 100% as maximum result.
Thus, if you have more spirits, they will give you more courage

And, with spirit generator, you can restore spirit for 50% in that it will get you more spirits in a quick time in this game


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