Golds Cheats in Legendary Warriors iPhone

Legendary Warriors from Oink Games is a new unique RPG where it is made with beautiful artwork taht may be different among any rpg genre that you have played on the ios and android platforms

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Along the game, you will go to quest an epic adventure from one level to another, while collecting up new characters and then upgrading them to power them up

After playing this game for a while, you may deal with tougher enemies, so you have to use all of the coins, mana, souls and stones to upgrade your heroes

When dealing with enemies in the battle, you will fight against them automatically
At this point, you will simply tap the go button for each hero as fast as you can, while using each character’s skill as well
Be sure to use some certain skills at the right time
Do not use Healing Light skill when your hero has full HP.

When battling with enemies, you will sometimes find your hero to have low on health points
Every time you see this, go hurry to swap them out with another hero with full stamina.
To get full stamina fast, you can go to the next town and beat the enemies there

Later on, you must upgrade your heroes and level them up with some coins and mana
Always collect exp Orbs that usually comes up in most of the chests that you unlock after every battle to upgrade your heroes.

On the other side, you can also ascend them using the souls
If you can do this well, it will grant them larger boost

Early on the game, always check each warrior’s stats before getting them to the party
Only put warriors with the best stats to win the game easily.
Sometimes, a special skill can make up for slightly lower stats
Then, if you find a character with a very valuable skill such as splash damage, be sure to keep them in your party

When being in the party, you must set your heroes based on the types such as tanker, melee or ranged heroes
Put high stamina heroes, tanker in the front
Then, put your standard melee heroes in the middle of the party.
You can then put your ranged heroes, such as healers in the back of the party as they will heal any hero in the front.

As usual, this game will take golds coins as the premium currency of this game
In line with this, you will be able to collect golds coins every time you go through the quest and win the game

Besides, if you want to get golds coins in fast way, you can simply open your wallet and purchase golds from iaps


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