Golds Cheats in Land of Warlords iPhone

Land of Warlords is categorized into an RPG with hero management and development as the core.
Later on, you will have to build the ultimate team that you can count on along the game

land of warlords strategy guides ios android

At the beginning of the game, you must collect Levy for extra silver
Levy is pretty important that you can get by tapping the button on the left side of the main menu screen.
It is like free coins, and you will get 50 free collections right from the get-go
And, you can turn it into easy coins.
Along the game, you will get 12 more free levies every day.

Later on, if you have played this game for a while, you will get your silver supplies in overflowing.
By the end of the tutorial you will have around 1000k silver.
With this silver, you can upgrade your equipment and training your heroes
Make sure not to spend it until your heroes and equipment will get any better.
You should never ever run low of silver, especially with the levies ones.
Make sure to keep everything upgraded so that you can breeze through this game easily.

Get all of your rewards that you get for accomplishing certain feats, but you must collect the rewards manually.
Daily, you will be served with your quest rewards, which you will get as you progress through the levels, your level gifts, that you can get by reaching a certain lord level
And, your clearance rewards will be available from clearing certain zones in which these usually give you more silver and gold

At around the level 30 mark, you get access to new structures in the main base.
There, you will be shown a list of mines, some of which may be occupied by different players.
And, you can attack another player’s mine and rob their resources.
However, make sure to check their level and if you want to remain civil, look for an empty mine.
Try to occupy it to generate silver overtime.
Then get back when it has finished though, as other players might try attacking you

Check the auction house for having powerful equipment in which you can buy some really rare equipment here, but the auction house only accepts gold as payment, which is much much more rare than silver.

In addition, The Inherit shrine will get you to transfer the experience and levels of one of your heroes to another.
Using this will be pretty useful if one of your older heroes is just too outdated and weak to keep fighting, and you want to power up your new heroes at at time.
For further, it will transfer all experience of the old hero, it means that they will go back to level 1 like you start this game for the first time.


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