Golden Tyrants Cheats in Dictator Emergence iPhone

Dictator Emergence from Tigrido may be the next series of Dictator 2 game that you may have played on the ios and android devices

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Here, you can now work towards building a monument of yourself and handle multiple factions which you must keep in happiness

In related to the factions, if you have them in ten crosses, you will get them into Golden Crosses for any more crosses you earn
Such crosses will indicate that the faction likes you so much
The more you get crosses the more cash you will made
In line with this, every single golden cross will be worth 20.000$.

At this point, never stick to one faction
It is caused by if some factions get ten golden crosses, a revolution will occur so that it will result in an automatic game over.
So, you must pay attention to the other factions

Meanwhile, your decision will affect the factions
Before making any decision, make sure to firstly talk to your Advisor for the way out

Besides, the Advisor will show you the outcomes for you to decide
Also, as a bonus effect it will nullify any potential negative outcome.
Thus, it will highly be recommended to use them wisely

Anyway, you can get such advisors by purchasing them for the price of 100 golden tyrants.
In this game, golden tyrants can be said as the premium currency, which you can get by picking certain choices.

To get them more, you should complete the daily quest
Every time, you have completed the quest, you will earn 30-50 golden tyrants.
For such reasons, try to complete them in daily basis for having more golden tyrants freely


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