Golden Banana and Gru Tokens Cheat in Despicable Me Minion Rush iPhone

Despicable Me: Minion Rush from Gameloft has been popular game of this year
This game really gives you much fun and highly addicting game ever

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In this game, you may be running your minion through different stages while collecting bananas, Gru tokens, and fruit.
Then, if you get into the Jelly Labs, you will encounter hard challenges.
When being in this phase, you can try to get gift code combinations to using your Gru tokens wisely

In accordance with Gift Codes, this game has a section in the settings panel for gift codes.
You can try to use these the combinations of minions to unlock the corresponding prize

Combine Normal Minion + Fireman Minion + Baby Minion to unlock Baby Minion
The combination of Baby Minion + Fireman Minion + Maid Minion will allow you to get 5x Banana Perks
Try to mix Maid Minion + Normal Minion + Golf Minion in order to unlock Loser Taunt
Combining Beach Minion + Fireman Minion + Mustache Minion will unlock 3x Minion Launcher
If you combine Golf Minion + Beach Minion + Mustache Minion, you will unlock 1 Banana Bunch

Always remember not to use your Gru tokens to continue runs in which you will only require one fruit item to unlock the next level.
Otherwise, spend them on costumes, items, and upgrades for your characters.

Later on, in order to get banana and gru tokens freely and fast, all you will have to do is simply to log in the game daily
It is caused by, if you log in to Minion Rush daily, you will get a banana bonus and you will also get a Gru token for coming back every day.

On the other side, connecting this game to your Facebook account will not only give you the ability to send your entertaining friends taunts and challenges but it will also give you extra Gru tokens just for connecting.
So, make sure you link your Facebook account to get such prize.

For further, you can also gather up your silver prize pods like stars and costumes
Here, you only require one fruit to go to the next level, then just keep running to collect 2 more in that it is just like getting a 3 star bonus.
By collecting enough fruits in each stage, you will be ale to collect some items and completing puzzle pieces will also unlock costumes for your character.
Moreover, having a specific number of a silver prize pod will allow you to go to the next level so trace your steps and accomplish each level to the best of your ability.

On the other side, having different costumes will be better suited for some challenges as different costumes have different powers
And, if you are performing a challenge that prompts you to have a huge Despicable bonus, it is highly recommended to use the costume that extends the XXL Minion.

Early on this game, make sure to collect as many bananas through levels and stock them up to be used to trade for upgrades
In line with this, most character upgrades and level ups can be bought in game with the bananas.
Anyway, you can purchase golden banana with some money, in which this will double points for each banana you collect.
Because of this, you can buy upgrades with your bananas twice as fast.

Furthermore, getting your power-ups upgraded to the next level will help you run along the game
While running, you will sometimes see bonus items that you can use to help you along.
According to this, you can try to upgrade the freeze ray with bananas in that this power up will help break through a lot of ice so that you can go to advance faster.
In addition, you also have to level up the Banana Splitter and the Fluffy Unicorn that will give you some bananas to collect.


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