Gold Wine Cheats War Of Empires The Mist Android

Doodle Mobile has presented a new tower defense game called War of Empires The Mist that you can recently play on android devices

war of empires the mist walkthrough ios android

Similar to the popular tower defense game, Clash of Clans, this game will bring you to the ultimate battle for domination where you can also team up with your friends to form clans of alliances to fortify defense and reinforce attacking units, then go together to raid the other empires online

All you will do here is to build up your empires and invade the other empires for collecting the resources, mainly gold and wine which are the main currencies of this game as well

To take over the kingdom, you will sometimes deal with the one wrapped in dense fogs and mists.
In the mean time, you will also fortify your town base with epic fantasy weaponry
Also, you must train vast of armies to clash enemies and grab their resources if you can win it

In this game, gold and wine are the premium currencies that you must collect either by producing it on your kingdom or you can invade other kingdom to collect such resources

As said earlier, you must build up your base with some important buildings such as gold mine, barrack, wine storage, etc
Besides, you must also protest it at all cost that you can do by building Fog Generators to hide your empire from the invaders

Early on the game, you must learn every function of your buildings
Town Hall is the vital for your village that you must upgrade to unlock more buildings.
As an important building, you must also aim the enemy`s town hall with one star to get your victory
If you use 2 stars, they will contribute 50% destruction of enemy buildings.
And, using 3 stars can complete annihilation toward enemies buildings.

Except town hall, wine storage and gold mine are also the ones that you must protect as well
These buildings are your main resources to build up your empires

Gold Storage is the building that can store your gold which you must upgrade to increase its capacity and ability against attack from enemy.
The Gold Mine is the base of your wealth that you should also upgrade to increase its production that will be needed to power up your troops and your village

Wine Storage is the most important building as this will store your the precious wine for your village.
Be sure to upgrade them to increase the capacity to supply your village more often.

On the other side, you will also have to train your troops in the barrack and you must also upgrade it to have the most strongest unit all the time.
At the same time, you must also upgrade the capacity of Troop’s Camp for having more powerful army.

Worker’s House is the host of workers that will help you construct more buildings
In line with this, you can also use gems to speed up their work for the buildings completion.

In order to protect your empires, you must construct more defensive buildings such as archer tower, cannon and fog generator

Archer Towers will defend your fortress as these can supply ranged heroes
This building can defend from longer range attack than Cannons and it is useful for both air and ground attack from enemies

Cannon is the best for point defense with horrible firepower after it has been upgraded well.
Note that, it cannot target anything during the upgrade process.

The best defense to protect your base is to build fog generator
This fog generator can hide your gold and wines, or you can hide your towers from being seen by enemies sight.

In addition, to make your empire strong, you have to join a Clan that will allow you to send reinforcement each other
So, just create your own Clan and invite your friends to play together.

Plus, you should recruit new members to join your clan that will be handy when having a party in war of clan in this game


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