Gold Value Cheat in Penguins Dibble Dash Android

Knowledge Adventure has offered running game wrapped in Penguins Dibble Dash which is specifically made for ios and android

penguins dibble dash walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will be able to play as Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private in a mission where your speed, agility, lightning reflexes will be tested to find the perfect Cheesy Dibbles.

To play this game, all you will have to do is to swipe to control all four Penguins at a time as they navigate through intricate courses and alleyways
Along the game, you will have to move like Rico, think like Kowalski and learn like Private all while keeping it cool like, Skipper

When being in the mission, you can practice while playing this endlessly fun game.
Later on, you will be able to collect some Power Ups for having an extra boost and these Power Ups will help you escape from tight situations and rescue the Penguins

During in the race, you will have to outrun the octopus henchmen and avoid the mutant-creating goo.
Then, the game ends if all the Penguins turn into mutants

On the other side, completing daily missions in this game will earn you more points
So, if you play for more, you will also earn more rewards
Later on, you can also play more with special Expansion Packs, where you can gain higher security clearance and access more top secret files and missions with that pack.

Furthermore, you have to swipe up to jump over low obstacles and Medusa serum and swipe down to belly slide under obstacles.
Moreover, by swiping left or right, you can avoid some obstacles along the track.
Tapping on the correct answer will get you to get penguin glory
Always stay alert of peeled for the math problems along side of the road

You can stack us up with a pinch or double tap then pinch outwards or double tap on the screen to unstack.

As said earlier, you can use power up to help you run along the game
In accordance with this, you can try to use Private’s power up to heal the other penguins.
Kowalski can use your math skills to figure out the correct answer
Rico can use bombs to blow up obstacles
Fire up gizmo and fly for a while

In addition, this game features gold as the currency that you have to gather up throughout the game
In the way of collecting more gold, you have to win each race and overcome each obstacle in that race


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