Gold to Upgrade Cards Cheat in King of Pirate Android

ColoR Studio has launched its newest game, King of Pirate on mobile platforms, Android and iPhone soon
This game seems to be collecting cards game where you will gather up rare cards from common to gold ones

king of pirate one piece walkthrough ios android

After collecting some of those cards, you must upgrade them to improve the unique skill level of the card and to improve the card power
When doing this upgrade, you will need materials such as a bunch of cards, in which having higher level and quality of the consumable cards will provide you more Exp for the targeted card.

Also, you will need certain amount of Gold to upgrade them, the amount of them is determined by the current level of the target card, and the number of consumable cards.
During the card upgrading process, it will be better to use the same career cards as the target card, as they can increase the Unique Skill level of the target card.

On the other side, if you have higher level of the target card unique skill, it will be more difficult to upgrade the skill
If you have higher quality of the same career material cards, you will have higher chance to upgrade the target card unique skill.
In order to get fast upgrade, Exp Fruit from the Fruit Factory Event will give you a bunch of Card Exp, which will increase the target card level at a fast speed

Later on, every card here can be advanced before reaching the quality limit
In line with this, card power can be greatly improved after getting advanced, that will also strengthen the card
And, the card level will still be the same after getting advanced, but the level limit will be increased.
Based on the quality, every card here has different level limit.
Once reaching the limit, you can improve your card quality with Card Advance Feature, in which it is also to increase the card level limit.
Your card cannot get Exp from clearing levels, in that you can only upgrade it through Card Upgrade.
Moreover, card advance needs materials and certain amount of the same class cards, then few special card needs same card as itself when being advanced.

For further, forging items in the Develop Room will increase the item quality
To do this, you can improve the equipment power in Develop Room.
In accordance with this, Develop Room can be the major method to get items in Battle King of Pirates, so make sure to visit and improve the Develop Room regularly for each captain.
When upgrading your items, you will need the current equipment, casting material and certain Gold, determined by the target item quality.

In related to Hero Attribute, the quality of the cards are categorized into White, Green, Blue, Purple, while the Green, Blue, Purple cards will come to the breakthrough levels.
If you have high quality of cards, you will have higher power.
And, the same quality cards with higher breakthrough level will come to stronger power

In addition, Leadership comes along with the card, and it will not be changed with card level.
Leadership is the required leadership points that you need to go to the battle with other pirates.
And, higher leadership level determines high quality of character card.

Except leadership, Combat Power is the comprehensive strength of character card.
Thus, if you have high Combat Power card, you should take this as the priority to go to battle, while you can use certain character cards in the team at a time.


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