Gold to Unlock New Characters in Smash Fu iPhone

Smash Fu from Bit Free Games seems to adapt Piano Tiles concept wrapped in the martial arts theme in which this game is a kind of tapping game for the ios and android platforms where

smash fu walkthrough ios android

Here, you will unleash your tapping fury and smash through any objects from one round to another for being the Smash Fu Legend

In other words, you will merely smash as many bricks as possible to gain high scores
When performing your action, you will also have to avoid the dynamite and smash any incoming bricks

After passing through some levels in this game, you will get an option to unlock new types of bricks and cool smashables through the prize machine
In line with this, you may get a chance to get Melonhead, Phone, Piano Keys, Balloon, Grass Block, Ice Block, Pinata, Football, Light Bulb and 8 Bit Block

When being on the tapping action, you will have three things to tap on.
At this point, you must tap on the regular bricks to beat the level, and you can try to miss as few of them as possible.
Besides, you will also have to tap on the gold bricks to get gold
Then, tapping on the continue cookies which allows you to unlock the restart ability
With this kind of ability, you can use it to restart a round if you lose or you miss three bricks or hit dynamite.

Once collecting enough gold, you can use it purchase new types of bricks which change the appearance such as contrast, that can make it easier to keep track of what will tap and what will not tap
You can compare with the standard bricks in the same color as the dynamite.

Early on the game, you can unlock the ninja brick, whereby you have to pass the final round of the game first

On the other side, after going through few rounds, you will be able to unlock a bonus level.
In this new level, you will see that bricks and bombs will be thrown in the air
At the same time, you must tap all of the bricks while trying to avoid the bombs to pass through the bonus level and to get a big points bonus.


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