Gold Ticket Coins Cheats in Dubai Racing iPhone

Dubai Racing from Zerofour Games will bring you to thrilling experience of car battle where you will be challenged to win trophies, climb the ranks, and become a living legend of car racer there.

dubai racing walkthrough ios android

You will be brought to race in lifelike day, night scenes, and meticulously designed racetracks
Also, you will feel energizing soundtrack music along with realistic sound effects such as engine noise, air brakes, and more.

Along the game, you will also be able to pick the cars from an elite collection of 16 exotic, custom made ultra high-performance cars including the famous Dubai Police supercars

Later on, you will also be able to turn your cars into the ultimate machine through over 70 variations, 6 upgrade components, and multiple tuning options.

During in the race, you will get stars, non-consumable item that will be as your experience points which is used to unlock events.
You can get them through career mode by coming in 1st, 2nd or 3rd in any events.

Except stars, you will also be able to earn more cash that you can use to purchase new cars, drivers, garage and upgrades.

As usual, gold takes a role as the premium currency of this game
Once completing every race, you will be granted with either gold and cash as reward
With gold that you have collected through the race, you will be able to purchase NOS, refill fuel and buy premium cars and decors for your cars.

After playing this game for few stages, you will get achievements that will sometimes give you gold coins for free
So, be sure to check it regularly and claim gold once you see them there

Career here is a kind of all types of gameplay that will guide you to get more stars and cash for free.
Playing in a single player mode will take you to experience all progress at your own Speed.

Later on, you can also try to play in different game modes to increase your experience and skill
Playing in x cones will be pretty simple as whoever can get the X number of cones for the first, they can be the champion.

In time based, whoever can collect the maximum number of cones within given time, they will be the winner.

When playing in elimination mode, car with minimum collected cones will be eliminated after certain time.
Then, last car left in the race will be the winner
And, if your team is the only left, you will be granted with 3 stars automatically.

On the other side, this game will require fuel to race from one track to another
Sometimes, you will run out of this fuel that will make you wait for certain time in order to get it refilled fully

Alternatively, you can do the time lapse trick to get fuel instantly
First, just close the game by restarting your phone
Next, change the time in advance, about 3 hours or above to get a full fuel.
Afterward, you can open the game again and check if you have got the full fuel.
Once getting the full fuel, you should now change the time to normal again
In addition, you can repeat the above process to get full fuel quickly in this game


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