Gold Tax Cheats in Dynasty of Dungeons iPhone

Dynasty of Dungeons has brought fresh of turn-based strategy arpg with 3d graphics
At the beginning of the game, you will hale to select your hero namely melee or range heroes

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Melee heroes are close-combat fighters introducing the Overlord, Bruisers, and Strikers.
If you choose one of them you must prioritize attacking front row enemies.
Then, if you find the enemies in that row eliminated, they can start to attack the next row.

On the other side, ranged heroes are long-range fighters featuring Destroyers and Enchanters.
If you pick one of the, you must prioritize attacking enemies in the column opposite them.
And, if you see the enemies in that column eliminated, they will start to attack the next column.

During the battle, each side stands on a grid of nine squares.
But, before the battle begins, you can draw and reposition your demons, and if the battle starts your positions can no longer be changed.
Here, your character’s position determines which enemy they will target and who will attack them in return.
On the other words, position also determines which targets are affected by that character’s fury skill.

Fury will gradually accumulate during battle and you will get fury when using normal attacks or taking damage, the latter causing a greater increase in fury.
Also, fury is preserved between battles within the same dungeon.
So, when one of your demons dies in combat, you will get a huge boost in fury to expedite your revenge
This fury is limited to a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 100 and it can be expended by using fury skills.

In related to fury skills, they must be triggered manually and they also consume a set value fury.
They are not by a round’s sequence of attacks, but they are queued as an extra attack to be performed directly after conclusion of the current action.
After performing a fury attack, it will cool down for several rounds before you can use it again.

Besides fury, you will be equipped with some skills that you can use them when you alter the timing and sequence of your skills according to the situation.
As an illustration, just wait to use an skill that absorbs damage until the last moment before an enemy high damage-dealer strikes.
At this phase, all you will do is simply to scrutinize the battlefield situation and patterns for two or three pivotal factors and exploit them.

Later on, you will deal with tax and gold that you can collect from all regions at a regular interval.
If you can conquer more regions, you will fine more gold for your coworkers.
And, the regions toward the end of your campaign can be taxed for more amount.
Plus, gold in the of tax revenue is used to train demons to gain their devastating potentials.

Except tax and gold, you can also get gem from the tears of ancient dragons, in which they are also dust from the world of magic.
With these gems, you produce fantastic effects, and the Mysterious Shop merchant likes them.
Along the game, you will find some Overlords employing unknowable powers and they tend to produce astonishing piles of gems that you can use to conquer Edenia.


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