Gold Sword Cheats in Shipwrecked Volcano Island Android

Fruit Salad Games will bring you to explore an uncharted island, build a beautiful sanctuary and discover a fiery new world wrapped in their newest game, Shipwrecked Volcano Island

shipwrecked volcano island silver walkthrough iphone android

The story begins when a maritime misadventure leaves you on an uncharted island with a volcano
However, you along with your brave crewmates are undaunted in your quest that will prompt you to build the island civilization as your dreams

In this game, there are a lot of things that you can do here
You will be able to build a thriving island with your team, complete each quest for rewards and gain the courage to explore each area in the island

Then, you will go adventure for treasure, and you will deal with awaiting pirates as you explore the uncharted island, discover hidden secrets, and build a stunning island colony underneath the volcano.

When arriving in the island for the first time, you will have to explore the daunting jungle and find uncharted territory then unlock lost cargo on the beach to find secret treasures
As being a brave leader, you must guide your comrades and colony to uncharted heights.

This game features currencies such as silver, gold and sword that you will gather up throughout the game based what quest you will accomplish

In the way of getting more swords, you have to level up your character
Alternatively, you can collect them through Tapjoy as your daily rewards
Also, if you have enough money, you can make a purchase of that currencies
Beside, you can also get swords through Features such as the Golden seeds, Lost Cargo etc.

Along the game, you can find and get planks from the Lumber Mill
And you can also find in a special quest like the Cut that asks you to search The Jungle For the Lumber Mill.

Later on, you can also find and get stones from the Stone Cutter.
In order to get it, you have to complete the quest called ‘One Brick’, in which you will be asked to
find it in the Jungle.

On the other side, if you find your buildings and houses unloading and appearing
as black squares, it indicates that the image is not being downloaded.
For such reasons, juts try to re-launch the game and make sure the device is connected to the internet.

For further, if you have made an in-app purchase and you are getting the resources credited 0 in your game, you can do the following actions

Firstly, close the game that you can do either by pressing BACK button, or via Settings >> Manage Applications >> Shipwrecked >> Force stop
Secondly, just restart game.
Now, you will see the resources that you have bought there.


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