Gold Silver Cheats in Kyubi Legend Ninja Android

Again, a new ninja game has been launched on android platform
This game is called Kyubi Legend Ninja where you will be able to create a team of different ninjas, each with unique abilities and skills.

kyubi legend ninja walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will meet characters from Naruto movie, then you will explore area to accomplish a bunch of tasks and find new ninjas to be recruited to your team.

Later on, you can form your squad and take in the heroes along with the abilities of different ninjas complementing each other.
Then, you must also develop your ninja, unlock the forgotten art of Ninjutsu and use it to beat powerful enemies.

As usual, this game will feature gold and silver as the main currencies
To get them for free, you can simply do these steps

In line with this, you must sign in this game daily to get a bunch of rewards.
Because of this, you will get 20 Gold, 200 Energy Points and 100% Duel points if you login for consecutive 7 days and more

On the other side, those rewards will be replaced every month and those massive rewards are placed on those 4th week of month.
Anyway, every time, you level up your ninja, you will be rewarded with Gifts for every 10 levels.
So, all you will do is to keep playing and level up your ninja

Later on, once leveling up your ninja, you will be ready to deal with World Boss event that will offer some valuable rewards

In related to the rewards, you can try to top up the required amount of money within the time limit to get an extra giftpack.
And, every time, you open the treasure, however opening the treasure has a chance rate, you will get rewards

In Growth Plan, when you insert 500 Gold, you can get 5 feedback in form of a total of 2500 gold.
When you get 5 Star Rating in this game, you will win a grand rewards

In addition, in order to get the currencies of this game, you can get them all for free in this grand adventure
But, if you really need more Gold, you can purchase them in-game store



  1. Sasuke uchiha
    Naruto uzumaki
    Hatake kakashi
    Sakura haruto
    Hinata hyuga
    Neji hyuga
    Rock lee

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