Gold Rubies Cheats for Hero Fusion in Dragon Heroes Android

Dragon Heroes is a kind of RPG mixed with shooting action game where you can shoot, dodge and take out a wave of enemies with powerful skills that you can prove on android device.

dragon heroes walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will also be tasked to create the ultimate team while collecting some powerful heroes and runes to realize your dream team.
Once creating your solid team, you must then power them up to the ultimate form.

To level up your heroes, you will need exp in which you must put Material Hero and Gold to reach the required exp that will get you to enhance your Hero.
If you can put high level and same Attribute Materials, you can get higher enhancing exp.

Then, having the max enhanced hero can be transformed to a higher level hero through fusion and grade up
In line with this, you will get the same Hero of level 1 of a 1 higher class by putting grade up material and gold together max level 5 over enhanced hero

Every hero from each class will need different grade up material and amount of gold
Because of this, be sure to check before trying the grade up as you will get high level grade up material once daily

On the other side, grade up material of each attribute are set differently during the days of the week Later on, if you want to Grade Up Louis, then be sure you will not miss out wed and Sun since it will be there

When fusing your hero, you can use two max level heroes with more than 5 strengthening points as material and get 1 Star higher level 1 hero.
At this point, you will need amount of gold based on what the class of the hero you want to fuse

Anyway, if you have rubies, you can check 1 more choosable Hero to be used for fusion
Once the Fusion is successful, you will get 2 different choosable Heroes pop up
Then, you can pick one of them to be used in the battlefield.

You will also have to go through the Awakening Enhance for your heroes, which will increase your level additionally.
In accordance with this, the exp will increase every time you level up.

In order to get more gold and rubies in this game, all you will do is to try completing each quest available in each mission


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