Gold Roses Cheats in Finger Derpy iPhone

Mommy`s Best Games will take you to the race of horse in Finger Derpy game
In this game, you will simply tap to run your horse while avoiding some obstacles and collecting gold and red roses along the way

finger derpy walkthrough ios android

Anyway, this game, Finger Derpy can be said as an endless runner game consisting with 4 player single screen competitive multiplayer

To play this game, just try to hold both hooves to go straight and tap to go faster.
To turn your horse, just tap one hoof then hold both hooves again when you are aiming up.
When being in the race, if you miss a Gold Roses, you can use freeze power-up as this will be useful to stop the finish and grab your rose

At the beginning of the game, you can try plying in Solo Mode where you will be tested how far you can you in each stage
Once mastering solo mode, you can try playing in party mode, where you will compete with 4-Player horse-races on a single device
Here, you can try racing through 7 different tracks at a time

In the mean time, you will also be challenged to dodge barrels, spotlights, turtles, cars, drums, and more

Once making progresses through the game, you will be able to unlock new breeds, in which every breed will come along with its own special power such as Smash and Time-Slow

During the race, do not focus on the finish line, just go straight and try to run as far as you can.
Also, be sure to collect all red roses that you can use for power-ups that will be handy to be used during the race.

Your main goal here is to run as far as you can while collecting gold roses scattered along the track
Then, you can use those gold roses to do some permanent upgrades.
At this point, you can upgrade your steed, where you can find gold roses and get some upgrades such as Rose Magnet that can attract nearby red roses

Finish Creeper power ups can slow down how quickly the finish line creeps.
Deflation can decrease how much Powerup costs increase.
Spin Damping will make you slightly less derpy after bumps.
Bump Damping can help you decrease when your horse is getting knocked back in the race.


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