Gold Rhino Points Cheats BreachTD iPhone

Space Rhino Games has the newest kind of Tower Defense game with a combination of real time strategy and MOBA gameplays.

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In this game, you will be tasked to build your team full of various heroes, recruit and upgrade hand-picked mercenaries, use powerful battle cards to go for the victory when battling with enemies

These battle cards are such as healing is Hand of the Ancients, fire damage is Fire Nova, a fire tornado, heavy damage to a small area is Isochronal Annihilator, etc.

To create your solid team, just select the guardians from all different roles.
At least, you have one damage dealer, one defensive tank, and one support unit.

Once selecting them, you can deploy them based on their role
Place your defensive guardians in the front so that they can defend most of the damage.
Put the ranged attackers and damage dealers on the middle
And, place your support guardians in the back, safe from harm.
In the mean time, you can also place mercenaries in the middle alongside your damage dealers.

At the end of each wave, you will be provided with an aurum bonus based on how much of your team has survived in the battlefield.
Always try to do your best to keep them alive.

On the other side, using battle cards will also help you when it comes to survivability.
Remember to save up your battle cards for crucial moments, as they have really long cooldowns
For such reasons, be sure to use them at the right times.
If your team is about to push a big wave, you can try to use an area attack battle card
At the same time, make sure to analyze the situation when you are about to use them.

To get your victory at ease, you can place mercenaries to help your main guardian team push their lane.
In line with this, your supplemental damage are support
And, every time you deploy them, they will give you a passive aurum bonus.

Meanwhile, your mercs will also get stronger, then you can manually upgrade how much plasma you generate through the plasma generator.
In other words, deploying many mercs will be a must to keep your guardians much more powerful.

In addition, this game features the premium currency on form of rhino points tier that you can get through iap store

Anyway, if you can complete each mission successfully, you will be granted with that currency
Moreover, be sure to win the battle with enemies that will sometimes give more rewards


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