Gold Pack Cheat in Ultimate Robot Fighting iPhone

Reliance Big Entertainment UK Private Ltd will bring you to the ultimate action journey of Robot fighting which you can find in Ultimate Robot Fighting game

ultimate robot fighting walktrhough ios android

In this game, you can build an epic roster of powerful robots then go to the arena of touch based 3v3 combat with a free-to-play card collectible game.

Anyway, this game, Ultimate Robot Fighting is a brand new fighting game where you will have to work through multiple tiers of robot fighters, and build a collection of battle robots, put teams of three against your rivals’ teams of three, then fight for being a solely champion.

On the other words, all you will do is to build an awesome team of powerful robots, deliver unique and devastating moves toward enemies, upgrade and level up your robots then reign supreme as a god of steel in the battle arenas

Here, every robot will be provided with a certain amount of energy
And, once the energy runs out you cannot use them in battle again until your energy regenerate fully.

In accordance with this circumstance, if you want to restore your energy quickly, you can do the time lapse trick
At this point, you can simply change the time forward in your phone by an hour or more and all of your energy will be restored in a quick time.

After doing so, you can then go back to the game to verify that your full energy is there.
Once getting your energy back fully, make sure to set back the time on your phone to normal

Firstly, just go back to the date and time settings again and change the time back as it is now.
Then, when you go back to the game your robots’ energy will be regenerated fully.
Later on, every time you need energy to come back fast and full, you can do this trick as many times as you want
Or, if you do not intend to mess with the time, you can merely carry a large collection of robots so that you can do as much fighting as possible.

Except energy, you will need gold that you will need to upgrade your robot’s statistics and fighting power
Gold in this game is the premium currency that you can collect when fighting against other robots

In related to this gold, you can get them for free through the iap store
At this phase, just go to the in app purchase store and find a menu for free gold.
Once getting this menu, you can earn it as a reward for completing offers, or you will be prompted to like and follow the game on Facebook and Twitter
Also, you can give the game a rating in the app store, or watch advertisement videos that will give you much gold initially.
Generally, you will also be able to get gold by winning each battle with the opponents

In order to win most of your battles, just follow a simple way as this following steps.
Start off on defense
Block your opponents’ attacks
Wait for an opening and let them have it with your attacks.

Make sure when battling with other robots, you must use your strong combo that will be much more effective and easier to pull off than the weak combo.
You can also use your special attack as often as possible toward your enemies.

Furthermore, you are able to use your match points to upgrade your special attack separately.
According to this line, when it is highly upgraded, you can occasionally get a one hit knock out just by using your special attack, in that you simply tap or swipe enough to get a 100% rating with it.
At the same time, you must also defend properly against the special attacks that your enemies use by swiping or tapping your defense up to 100% as well before you get attacked by them.


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