Gold Medals Cheats GI Joe Strike iPhone

Backflip Studios has launched G.I. Joe: Strike on mobile platforms, ios and android ones
In this game, you will take a role as Snake Eyes

gi joe strike walkthrough ios android

And, your main objective is to beat as many Cobra Command ninjas as possible on a number of stages
To do so, you will merely tap in the right order to get some gold coins and medals

Besides, you will also be rewarded with the highest score possible while collecting more experience points to level up your ninja.

Along the game, you will need energy to perform any action in each stage
Your energy can run out rather quickly, as you will have only a maximum of five lives.

In order to get more energy or lives in this game, you can purchase unlimited lives forever for $9.99 in iaps.
Or, you can wait for your lives to come back that will allow you to continue to the next mission

In accordance with this, if you are not getting an experience at level five, you can get free life recoveries all the way up until you reach level five.
At this point, do not ever replay any stages, and you can simply play new stages so that you can go as far as possible before leveling up to level 5 and lose all of your lives or energy.

On the other side, you will also be granted with cards, that you can get by completing a quest in the game or you use your medals on them.

In the mean time, you can equip every item that you get, such as a skill or a weapon.
You can then activate the skill independently, and you will see the weapons to start showing up inside of the air drops, which contain only gold coins to collect.

As said earlier, you must also reach score as high as possible
To gain that score, you must keep combos going as long as possible.
Here, every tap you perform will determine your score

Every tap will equal one point in the combo
Thus, if you tap the buttons in the right order, each enemy with 2 or 4 hit points will be worth 2 or 4 combo points or more
And, if you tap in the wrong direction though, you will not get a hit from the enemy.

For further, if you get difficulty on a specific level, you can simply switch back and forth between different areas to play with different style
But, always be sure not to go back and play old levels.
At this phase, you will start off at The Jungle, then you will be able to unlock both the USS Flagg and the Temple containing new levels to play next.

By playing in new levels, you can make a fast progress on all three of these levels at a time
Next, in the future updates, you will go to explore more areas and new levels.


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