Gold Medals Cheats for Pizza Mix+Smash Marvel Super Hero Mashers iPhone

Disney has Mix+Smash: Marvel Super Hero Mashers as an action fighting game where you can take heroes from across the Marvel universe and mash them together on mobile platforms ios and android

mix + smash marvel super hero mashers walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you can equip the appropriate head that matches the chapter in to get a passive 25% damage increase.
As an initial start, you can equip Hulk’s head to give you the damage bonus

In this game, your hero will come along with three different stat values namely strength indicated by fist, health indicated by heart, and special indicated by bolt.

Strength contributes how much damage your normal attacks do.
Health reflects your maximum health.
Special is to deliver how much damage your special move does.
Later on, you must try to mix and smash different hero parts that will get you the stats that you want

You must also increase your hero`s start by replaying the older levels that you have beaten before
Besides, if you can beat a level on the default difficulty, you can get more gold and medals.

With certain amount of medals, you can use them to unlock the next chapter
In line with this, you can always replay the older levels for farming gold coins and medals

When playing in the quick-time events just tap rapidly in certain spots.
In line with this, just keep those fingers moving so that you can do maximum damage

As said earlier, to harvest more gold coins, all you will do is to replay the easier levels
With a bunch of coins that you have collected through some levels, you can now use them to purchase pizzas

These pizzas will really be useful to restore your health during the fight scene
Besides, you can also try to use more Hulk parts on your hero, since they have more health than the other ones.


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