Gold Gems Runes Cheats Rush of Heroes iPhone

After being in the development of Firefly Games and Locojoy, now Rush of Heroes as an excellent RPG is available on the apple store to download and play on your phone

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In this new mobile RPGs, you will see all of characters come with a specific set of equipment.
Later on, you will have to upgrade each piece of equipment from one color level to the next

Early on the game, you will do the first upgrade the equipment from black to green.
Afterward, you will also be able to upgrade your heroes to be the most powerful ones

To level up your character, you will need to gain experience, coins, and extra equipment upgrading items

In order to get all of them, you can replay the last level that you have beaten
When doing so, just do the auto-battle to make it go by quicker
Because of this, you will get rewards in form of gold and experience points to level up your characters

Once leveling up your characters in certain levels, you will be able to unlock all kinds of new game modes, such as the arena, and shops

In shops, you can get some items to inlay into equipment that will be needed for upgrading process.
For further, be sure to upgrade the experience level of each hero to equal your player level

In line with this, once you skyrocket your player level using raids and auto battling, you can use experience salves and other items to level up your heroes to get a big strength boost.

As usual, this game will come along with gold coins, the premium currency of this game
In the way of collecting gold coins for free, be sure to open the chests as often as possibly

At this point, the coins chest will open multiple times a day for free.
Also, you will also get the gems chests opened freely once every 48 hours

With this gems, you will get a chance to have an entire character
Plus, you will also get shards or pieces of equipment upgrade items
Moreover, if you purchase a 10x gem chest, you will get one character for free

After having anything needed in this game, be sure to upgrade the skills of each hero
With these leveled skills, your hero will be stronger to beat any enemy in the battlefield
Thus, it will make you win the battle easily

In addition, it will highly be recommended to upgrade the skill level as high as your character’s level
Doing this will also help your heroes strong along the game


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