Gold Gems Cheats in Spirit Hunter iPhone

Spirit Hunter from Boomlagoon is the game focusing on an action RPG where you will get a chance to be a master wizard that you can realize in ios and android phones.

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Along the game, you will be able to craft and make your own deck consisting of powerful spell cards, then master the elements to beat enemies standing in your path while collecting gold and gems as the main currencies in this game.

When performing your action, you can set your battle in auto attacks
If you set it in auto, you will still be able to move while you attack, so that you can effectively keep your distance while taking out enemies.

Always be sure to use the stick and move pattern, since this will help you avoid unnecessary damage from enemies.

When exploring each area in the game, be sure to scan the environment as the levels will have intractable objects sitting around.

You can often collect barrels lying around that will be useful to explode when they are hit with a spell
So, you can use this by luring some enemies nearby, set it off, and explode them when they come to it
Do not get close to it as you will also explode yourself is standing nearby explosion area

Every battle that you have completed will give you extra gold as your bonuses
Moreover, you will also get a card bonus there

When dealing with enemies, some monsters will have an elemental affinity.
If you fight against a monster with a card that has the same element, the monster will take reduced damage from the card.
Thus, your deck will have to be prepared appropriately to beat such enemies

When exploring in the volcano area, you may deal with fire monsters lurking around
Sometimes, you will also see Arcane monsters which can be damaged with Arcane cards only

On the other side, playing in raid mode will let you get the rewards from a level without actually having to play through the level.
Here, you can use triple the amount of stamina to get the big rewards

After going through some levels in the game, you will have to upgrade your spells and equipment with Parchments
In the mean time, you can go to the Enchantment station to create enchanted equipment which will give you better stats than the equipment you can find.
Then, just try making better equipment with all materials you have collected from the levels.

In order to collect a bunch of gold for free, all you will do is to complete the quests
Plus, if you are lucky, you will also be able to get gems for free as your reward of level`s completion

Thus, just check your daily quests on the menu to get a chance to complete each quest that will earn you a bunch of gold and gems for free


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