Gold for Split Marine Triple in Warhammer 40000 Armageddon iPhone

Warhammer 40,000: Armageddon from Slitherine can be categorized into a super deep strategy fantasy war game set out to ios devices where you are a commander to defend the planet as the Imperium of Man will battle against the Ork invaders.

warhammer 40000 armageddon walkthrough ios android

In other words, you will guide the Imperial forces of the Armageddon Steel Legion and Space Marines from a variety of Chapters against the Ork invasion through over 30 scenarios

You will go through the campaign where you can join three chapters of Space Marines namely the Salamanders, Blood Angels and the Ultramarines.

You will place the number of units in a squad and each individual unit in a squad fires their weapon
Your unit can get a slight advantage by shooting their enemy, so that they can take out some units before receiving returning fire.

In line with this, if units have equal initiative, they will attack each other at the same time.
And, if one unit has a higher initiative than another, the high initiative one can take out a number of units equal to their initiative difference before the other squad returns the attack.

In the battle, you will see that one squad with one point of initiative higher than an enemy can take out one unit before the enemy squad returns to attack.

In related to the morale, if units attack or get attacked, they lose morale.
Morale here is in form of four states namely good, normal, low, or broken one.
Here, staying in good or normal morale can grant bonuses

Later on, you will have to control the growth and development of your army and units.
At this point, you can save up your coins for some powerful units and get some big guns down the road.

When placing your unit, you can place your squads in the right place
Placing in this spot will cover certain types of terrain change units’ line of sight, mobility, and more.

Anyway, some units in this game will be equipped with multiple weapons, in which it will make a unit can use its entire arsenal to deal more damage than staying too far out of range for some weapons.

Some units also come along with base stats such as fearless, assault, flyer, leadership, and support, in that some have special traits that make them distinct from others.

Units with fearless can use morale half as fast as normal.
Units with assault can ignore cover bonuses when using melee attacks.
Units with flyer can fly and increase evasion against attacks and they are immune from being attacked by other enemies.
Units with leadership can get a morale boost early on each turn.
Units with support can give additional firepower when an adjacent ally attacks.
You can combine units based on stats and individual traits to make an army working well together.

For further, you will also have the opportunity to play as one of three factions namely the Imperium, the Orks, and the Space Marines.

Imperium faction is like a glass cannon, whereby they will make up for with their powerful artillery and high initiative.
This faction can handle vehicles with some light infantry support and it has access to Titans, the most powerful units in the game

The Orks faction is based upon the power of numbers to overwhelm the enemies and they have pretty poor accuracy and they also get an access to Titans which is good at a large fighting force

Space Marines faction can be said as the super elite units in this game since they are very accurate, powerful, and durable.
Space Marines are categorized into Blood Angels, Salamanders, and Ultramarines

Blood Angels is the most expensive and powerful
Salamanders is more well-rounded
Ultramarines is cheaper but less effective

Beyond this, your infantry are very effective and versatile and you can take a good care of each unit with the Space Marines unit

In addition, this game will come along with gold coins as the main currency that you can get for free
Every time, you do a battle, you will be granted with coins

With this coins, you can purchase more units and place them in strategic spots to win the battle so that you can continue to conquer the next areas


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