Gold for Legendary Rare Cards Cheats in SoulSpark iPhone

Copenhagen Creators will take you to collect your heroes in their newest game, SoulSpark Battle Cards RPG, F2P game where you will also experience the magic of SoulSpark in heart-racing, spell-blazing, card-chasing combat on your phone.

soulspark walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will lead a team of heroes such as knights, rangers, and mages which you equip with various cards – weapons, potions, spells, magic items
You can get them by purchasing from a store or getting them along the way.

Early on this game, you will start with a few cards, and each of them has a Mana Cost and a Cast Time that is the time in seconds between casting the card and seeing its effects.

After equipping your heroes, you will move from battle to battle along a map.
Once meeting enemies on the map, you must battle them to get more rewards.
You will have up to three cards in your hand, and you continuously discard the ones that are either not useful in the current situation or you lack the mana to cast.

In mana system, you will start with one mana globe, and as time passes, the globes increase one at a time, then when they appear, they are empty and useless.

So, if you want to cast a card with 1 mana cost, such as a basic Heal spell, you must discard a card that costs 1 mana.
And, if you want to use a card that costs 2 mana, you must discard two 1-mana cards or one 2-mana card.

With this mana system, you will have to make some interesting tactical decisions regarding when to discard a card, when to keep it, and when to play it.
In line with this, you can get mana by dragging an Fiction Card with a Mana-cost onto your Mana-orbs.

Before starting to attack enemy, be sure to use your protection spells and buffs.
You can also use one gem mid-battle to resurrect your dead heroes every time they die, and there are always other heroes with higher HP that you can buy for about a dollar.
Your heroes can recover automatically, but healing outside of combat is much more effective.

When attacking enemies, you must time your attacks well otherwise your fifteen-second wait for your knight to attack with his big sword might have no effect since you do no think about the seventeen-second armor spell the enemy have cast before you attack him.

You can also try to switch your heroes Positions to adjust your strategy where you must use ranged attacks strategically and always give your exhausted heroes some rest.

So, just play the game more to have a chance of getting the various cards in form of rare or legendary cards for your collection.
You can check all defeated enemies in Bestiary.

You can equip your hero by dragging Cards from your inventory onto the hero’s Deck then always examine your Cards by tapping on them.
In the mean time, you can view and modify any hero’s Deck by dragging it into Focus.
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