Gold Diamonds Cheats in Fat Princess Piece of Cake iPhone

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is developed by playstation mobile in which this game is categorized into a new match-three puzzle RPG for mobile platform.

fat princess piece of cake strategy guides ios android

Playing this game will be like Marvel Puzzle Quest, where you can mix the matching gameplay of a Candy Crush Saga type of game with RPG battling to make for a unique, along with troops to defeat and gold and diamonds to collect.

On the other words, your main job here is to rescue the Princess
Here, you can charge into battle with 4 different character classes then use some matches to smash through the blue army

Throughout the game, you will be served with multiple different tiles that you can clear during a battle depending on need.
Red, orange and yellow tiles represent sword, bomb and gun that you can use to unleash attacks
And, your blue heart tiles restore health to your troops.
Green diamond tiles will earn you diamonds which is the main currency of this game
And, purple cake tiles will charge up the princess’ smash attack.

In this game, all you will have to do is to match four tiles in a row so that you are able to make a special tile, which transforms all of the tiles surrounding it into the same tile for a huge combo when activated.

Matching up in a row together makes a rainbow tile
And, if can you mix it together with a tile, you can knock all of that color off of the board.
So mix it with another rainbow tile to clear every piece, or with a special tile for big effect.

On the other side, if you are stuck on a stage, you can simply go back to the last stage that you beat and replay it for earning extra diamonds.
After having some more diamonds, you can then use those them to upgrade your team, in which it will increase both their attack power for the priest, healing power and their life.

In the way of making some multiple combos in one turn, you can also try to line up attacks
Moreover, if you do this with special pieces, you will be able to create a cascade.
Here, cascades are necessary if you want to go to three-star battles where damage done is the indicator of how many stars you get.
Again, Use princess attacks to make it happen.

For further, going through challenge stages will be insanely difficult, but you must remember their location
If you are able to remember their location you can go back after you become tough enough to actually defeat them as they will give you better rewards than normal stages
Thus, if you want to spend gold coins, you are able to spend them on the slots following a victory on a challenge stage.

In addition, you will have to gather up gems to upgrade your troops
In the mean time, you have to feed cake to the princess so that she will be able to unleash her devastating slam attack with massive combos and save the kingdom as well


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