Gold Crystals Cheats in Ghost Tales iPhone

Ghost Tales that is also known as Ghost Saga form LLC Webgames is a new iOS and Android platforms, where you will be brought to guide Anna as she begins the journey to reveal what happened to her beloved Grandpa so many years ago.

ghost tales walkthrough ios android

Here, you will follow her who can talk to ghosts inside of their old houses and find out what is ailing them, and why they are still sad after not having been able to leave this world yet.
To do this, you will help her build their houses and then can make use of their friendship.

In the mean time, you will also walk through haunted houses, while trying to find treasure and to overcome boggling challenges in the fight to progress to the next quest

Along the way, you will find wonderful new friends, have conversations with people who cross your path and run from the monsters that lurk around every creaking door

Once completing each quest, you will get a chance to win coins, diamonds, experience and energy
So, just hold your breath, and try not to cry and make it to go through all 21 haunted houses

On the other side, you will require energy to do some actions here
If you run out this energy, you can do the time lapse trick
In line with this, just go to the date and time settings on your phone
Then, set the time forwards by an hour or two after you run out all of your energy
Once doing so, you can then go back to the game and collect your energy back fully.
Be sure to set back the time to normal again after doing that tricks

Meanwhile, you will also need a good bit of materials to repair a ghost’s house after you finish it.
You can use sand that is one of the tougher materials to come by, but others are rare as well.
To get more sand and other materials, be sure to take a look around anything that you may have missed inside of the house.
At the same time, you can go to the following ghost house and search around there.
Sand will appear when you clean off the pink couches inside of dirty houses.

In addition, gem or crystals are considered as the premium currency of the game.
If you want to collect them more for free, just connect the game to Facebook.

Moreover, every time that you gain an experience level, you will be granted with some crystals for free. Except crystals, coins or gold are the common currency of this game
Once getting enough gold, you can use them to purchase more energy when you run out in the middle of the stage.


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