Gold Coins to Get Rare Dragons in Dragon Story Tropical Island iPhone

Storm8 studios has just launched their popular dragon breeding series, called as Dragon Story Tropical Island on the apple store and android market.

Early on the game, having space will be limited where you must store and hatch the dragon`s eggs there
To make it more, you can remove all decorations and unused stuff
Doing so will also increase your profits for maximum coin gains

Then, just put the roads into storage, as well as all the decoration items needed to complete missions.
If you have more stuff to store, you will easily raise and breed more dragons.

In this game, you will also have to socialize by visiting many neighbors and habitats and helping around.
After visiting every 5 to 6 habitats, you can get back home to collect rewards
If you often visit more habitats, you will appear on the Community tab so that more people will come to visit and help your island.

On the other side, you will have to grow crops to increase your gain
You can plant crops that yield more per hour

In line with this, you can plant and harvest the 60 second when you are on your island collecting
And, you will do this in 3 minute ones when you are breeding and whatnot and when you visit other players island.

Note that every time you leave, you must have the 1 hour crop set for production
It is caused by maximizing food gains will be important to get all dragons and to level them up fast

Coins and gold will be the main currencies of this game that you can get for free by building many Nature habitats and place Nature dragons inside.
In accordance with this, the nature habitat will be a way to collect some free coins early on in the game
So, the key is to leave each of them with 1 to 2 dragons inside when you are sleeping to generate a ton of coins
Meanwhile, you must also focus on maxing out the habitats which also will give you more coins.

In related to breed all dragons, you will be able to get a particular dragon which is the rarest one.
At this point, these rare dragons will be more difficult to get

To deal with this, you must have two dragons breeding and take their type into account
You can get a fire and nature dragon which will breed fire, nature or combinations of the two elements.
Once having them, you can use multiple element dragons to get multiple element dragons in return.
When you are about to breed rare dragons, you must wait for the breeding process to complete
If you wait longer, you will get rare dragons

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