Gold Coins to Get Rare Cards in Storm Casters Ultra iPhone

Get Set Games has a rapid-fire dungeon crawling game which is called as Storm Casters Ultra in which this game is mainly designed for the ios platform

storm casters ultra walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will guide your hero with a mighty magic to utilize powerful battle cards, and fight your way through an ancient dungeon.

Along the game, you will go to the dungeon area with a very short time limit to beat all enemies within
But, with gold, you can increase your time limit when entering the dungeon area.
Besides, you will also have to collect gold coins that you can use to unlock ultra card Roosterzooka, ultra card ember attack, warp stones, etc

Always be sure to check your cards before going to a dungeon
Here, you get the option of locking one of the three randomly selected cards.
Then, you can lock a card to keep it for a dungeon`s adventure.

In the game, if you want a lot of gold, just select Trader’s Bond and Gambler’s Dice.
Note that some cards can synergize well with others
And, you can use the gold to shuffle them.

When dealing with enemies in each area, you must always move, since your hero will automatically shoot towards the closest enemy when you hold the attack button

Early on the level, you will firstly get a Blast Bomb which can blast bombs to the dungeon.
When it is activated, a blast bomb will detonate on top of your hero in a plus formation.
Using this will really be useful when you are about to blast some enemies at once

During your exploration, you will see boxes and barrels on the dungeon floors that will give you a bunch of gold
Sometimes, you will find card collectibles inside like blast bombs and hearts.

Gold coins is the main currency of this game that you can get for free by exploring and battling with enemies in each area
With all gold that you have collected from the area, you can get weapon power up, item card, that will be useful when dealing with bosses in the next stages

Thus, just keep running and adventuring through these dungeons to get more attack power for your hero and to farm more gold coins for unlocking better cards and items


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