Gold Coins to Get More Energy Lives in Sky Squad iPhone

Kongregate has launched their newest game called Sky Squad that you can play on mobile platforms, ios and android devices

sky squad walkthrough ios android

Along the game, all you will do is to shoot and dodge alien drones in the game
In this action-packed top down shooter, you will also have to deal with bosses and dodge enemy fireballs

At the same time, you will be tasked to collect boosts to double your firepower and activate your magnet power-up.
Besides, you must also gather up some gold coins and use them to upgrade your plane, your minion, and your boosts.

In other words, Sky Squad can be said as a classic shoot-em-up inspired by arcade classics.
Throughout the game, all you will do is to shoot down waves of alien hordes and take on frightful bosses

To power up your weapon, you must upgrade it since you will shoot alien`s drones a lot
Also, you will be allowed to use a slow down power up that can be activated at any time during a level.

In line with this, all you will do is to tap the down arrow power up at the bottom right corner of the screen.
Using this will allow you to get out of a sticky situation
You can use this if you get cornered as you will not be able to kill an alien fast enough or if if you deal with too many bullets on screen.

When performing your actions, you will have two special attacks such as the slow down and bomb which are located near the bottom corners of the screen.

For such reasons, you can keep your fingers near the bottom which will give you a quick access to these buttons.
Using bombs here will be great for your survival in a pinch
Be sure to use this once you have expended your slow down, just activate it at critical moment only

Early on the game, you will be started with 10,000 gold.
When having that amount, you can only purchase the first minion which is about 5,000 gold
Having a kind of minion will be good since this is little side planes flying with you and adding some extra firepower.
During the flight with them, this minion will give you experience and it will become stronger.

Every time, you shoot out all aliens drones, make sure to search for the lighter colored aliens
It is caused by lighter alien will be weaker to shoot out.

In accordance with this, shooting out more will give you more point and let you find a way through as fast as possible.
When dealing with darker colored aliens, they will have more health
If you are yet strong enough, you may have to avoid them first for your safety


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