Gold Coins to Get Gear Power ups in Sword and Fairy 3D Android

Eagamebox has launched Sword and Fairy 3D into android market
This game seems to be the pioneer of 3D action mobile card game that you can play on mobile.

sword & fairy 3d walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will guide Li Xiaoyao to travel across the plots and meet maiden Zhao Ling’er and Lin Yue’Ru in your journey.

In this innovative strategic 3D action-card-battle, you will also have to gather up your team consisting of heroic and epic heroes, challenge your friends in unique PvP, Survival, Boss Challenge, Arena and Guild co-op multiplayer combat.

Anything you do in the game is to collect gold coins, the main currency of this game
Here, you will be served with varieties combinations of heroes, each comes along with unique skill, strategy, and lightning fast reactions

Besides, you will also have to collect the weapons in the battle to be equipped for your heroes with the finest set gear.
With these weapons, you will now power up your team to beat any enemy standing in your path

Again, this game has a good combination of strategy 3D card game where you will be assigned to get silver, gold and other materials to upgrade and evolve your heroes to be the strongest ones

In order to earn more gold in the game, you can use recharge to get unlimited golds.
You must also clear plot dungeon to get a great amount of golds as reward.
Also, you have to increase Mount Tzu’s Swordfight ranking to earn a bunch of golds.
Taking part in challenging Celestial Sword will also give golds as bonus reward.
You can also get gold for free by playing in the weekend

Except gold, you will also have to gather ups some coins by using your gold to be exchanged for coins.
You have to clear plot dungeons to get infinite coins and complete daily tasks to get a great deal of coins.
Playing in an event dungeons on Thursday and Sunday will provide you with a great amount of coins.

And, in stage challenge arena, quiz 8- final rewards will give you a bunch of coins.
Meanwhile, in a sword spirit, you can use spirit aura or Golds to be exchanged for some coins.

To battle with enemies in the game will require stamina
Sometimes, you may run out of stamina that you can get by playing in noon or evening, in which playing in that moment will give you free full recharge of stamina from Celestial Sword Inn.

On the other side, you must also complete daily tasks to get a little stamina potion.
Moreover, if you can activate specific Sword Spirit, it will increase max stamina storage for your heroes.

Later on, getting Endurance in the game can be redeemed from Gold Mail.
Or, you have to complete daily tasks to get a little endurance potion.

Getting companions will also be useful that you can get by recruiting, time limited recruitment.
In accordance with this, you can also gather up specified amount of souls in the Companion to be exchanged for companions.

For further, getting souls will also be found in challenge adventure where you must beat boss to get specified companion soul.

Make sure to use keepsake to exchange for wanted companion soul from travel merchant
At this point, you can exchange intermediate keepsake for purple soul
And, you can exchange elite keepsake for orange soul
In accordance with this, you can also try to decompose blue, purple companions to get intermediate or elite keepsakes.

In the way of getting Guardian, just get into the Stage Challenge’s Merit Exchange Shop to exchange for Guardian’s item and Nv Wa’s Stone for Guardian’s evolution.
you can also go through Alchemy to get Gold Venom, which will be handy to increase Guardian’s skill.

In addition, you will need to get Gears that you can do by clearing plot dungeons
By doing so, you can get the blue gears and gear fragments of purple and beyond.


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