Gold Coins to Get 3 Stars in Epic Dragons iPhone

Epic Dragons can be said as a new mechanic of the tower defense genre which is avaialble both on the ios and android devices

epic dragons walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will take a role as the master of dragons where you will need to help your fellow dragons out.
Here, you will build the environment and you must place your dragons in strategic locations to block your enemies and collect 3 stars in each stage.

When you are about to place your dragons, never put all your dragons at the beginning of the path as this will not be effective in the long run if you want to get all three stars.
It is caused by if the enemies die before reaching the stars, you will not get them

For such reasons, you can take the Path Blocker ability and set rocks down near the beginning to funnel the enemies into a path with the stars
There, you can place your dragons.

When trying to protect your territory, be sure to always bring the Ice Dragon as this species will have longer range than most other dragons

However, this kind of dragon will not deliver too much damage toward enemies.
Moreover, using this dragon will be useful to slow down enemies since they will be really slowed when being hit by the Ice Dragon

In this game, some type of enemies will be more vulnerable to specific dragons.
According to this, the minotaurs will be equipped with a ton of health and they can extra damage from Fire Dragons.

On the other side, you must also learn every range of each dragon so that you can carefully place the dragons in strategic spots
Here, the fire dragon will have the shortest range of all the starting dragons.
And, the ice and lightning dragons will come with a pretty long range.

Meanwhile, you will be equipped with hearts and coins along the game
You will have 3 hearts in each stage, so be sure to use them wisely before running out of them when trying to complete each stage

Later on, after going through the battle with enemies, you will collect gold coins and star as your achievements

After having tough battle and get gold coins, you must upgrade your existing dragons
You can also purchase new ones with your gold coins.
Doing some upgrades to the dragons will increase their damage and range, since these circumstances will be handy to take out enemies in the level


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