Gold Coins Stones Cheats in Ice Age Avalanche iPhone

Gameloft has just launched their matching three game called Ice Age Avalanche
In other words, this game can be said as an epic Ice Age match-3 puzzle adventure to find the hidden treasure

ice age avalanche walkthrough ios android

In this new match-3 game, all you will do is to slide fruit in any direction then try to complete puzzling challenges such as in Stockpile, Acorn Avalanche and Fruit Sculptor with some boosters and power ups

Along the game, you will have to explore new lands including the Prehistoric Jungle, vast Grasslands and gargantuan Glacier then try to overcome obstacles by completing unique Scrat levels
On the other side, you will also deal with epic boss battles in a race to reach the treasure

Later on, every time you make matches, you will move tokens vertically, horizontally and diagonally to make matches of 3 or more tokens of the same type.

When you can match 4 or more tokens, you can get power ups then you can match again or swap with an adjacent Power-Up to activate it.
With power ups, you will be able to get Stones in the game.

Once completing each level in this game, you will be granted with gold coins
Except gold coins, you can also collect stars by reaching specific scores.
So, just try to play quickly and efficiently to get three stars in this game.
You can at least get 1 star by reaching the target number of animals of the herd served.

With Fruit Sculptor, you will be able to gather the required items in a specified order by matching them that will grant you 1 star.

Meanwhile, you can also use reducer to reduce the board by 1 tile space if it reaches an empty space on the board.
With scoop, you can remove 1 token of your choice from the board.

Later on, you will go starting the level with 2 Line Slides on the hoard.
At this point, you can combine Power-ups to activate them.

And, you can also swap the Color Burst with any adjacent move-able token to use it.
Then, you will see the burst to destroy all tokens of that type
Always remember to reach the given target score before running out of moves or time in each level.

When dealing with boss battles, you must try to capture the target number of tiles by making matches over your rival’s tiles or unclaimed tiles each turn.

In addition, this game will require lives to perform the matching
In line with this, you can send your friend 1 life by touching the heart.
Moreover, you will also be able to also send a life to everyone with the Gift All option in this game.


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