Gold Coins Cheats Vikings War of Clans iPhone

Plarium Global has launched Vikings War of Clans into ios and android platforms
This game is a kind of a new MMO Strategy game that you can play on the go

vikings war of clans walkthrough ios android

All you will do in this game is to turn your viking kingdom into the most dominant one
To do this, you will battle it out against other players
In the mean time, you will also have to upgrade your base into the most powerful one.

In order to strengthen your base, you will have to build up your resources as fast as you can
You will also build something and upgrade it then keep it up until you run out of resources.

When everything is ready, you can participate in the battle with enemies
In line with this, just search for the kingdoms and spy on them to see the resources but they have zero troops, as they are abandoned for a while
Such kingdoms will always produce resources.
When seeing such kingdoms, just try to attack them to get more food, wood, stone, iron ore and silver.

On the other side, you will be tasked to complete some quests for having more resources, gold and experience.

You can then go on the amount of farms that you build as well as the amount of upgrades that you do to the farms.

Farms are the vital in this game since your troops will use up food to do some activities.
In order to build up food stores quickly, then send your troops out on a very long mission so that they will not need any food from home for awhile.
Make sure to do this while your kingdom is under a shield.

Later on, you have to join a clan as soon as you can
At the same time, be sure to save your relocation item until finding a clan that you want to move next
When joining them, you will get a big advantage during in the battlefield
You can also work with them to battle and get more resources together


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