Gold Coins Cheats to Get Rare Cards in SpellStone iPhone

A new card game called Spellstone developed by Kongregate has just come to the ios and android markets
Similar to any other card games out there, you are tasked to build a perfect deck to win the battle for victory and gold to purchase rare cards in the game

spellstone walkthrough ios android

In the way of getting your victory in the game, you must have fast cards since they will have a big damage once it has been activated in the card`s battle

Besides, you must also get high health cards as tanks in which it will be better to keep your first card alive for as long as possible
Also, try to make the right balance between playing the fast cards and slower, high damage, high health ones for victory.

When using slow cards that pack the real punch to the enemy, always pay attention to what the enemy has on the table and play cards accordingly.

In line with this, you can play a fast and high health card then a good 1 to 2 turns card.
And, always consider to manage your cards based on what cards the enemies use
When your enemies, go with fast cards, be sure to do the same or play with high health cards

And, it they play with high damage, scary slow cards, play faster cards and you can beat them before they cause any damage to your cards.
Make sure to play the cards with special skills, especially the ones which will deliver damage to random enemies and increase your cards’ attack.

Later on, you may use dust to improve and upgrade your cards for having the most powerful card deck
You can use it until you lose your first single player mission.

When you are about to upgrade your cards, you have to upgrade based on your needs and prioritize to upgrade the fastest cards first, as they will get more health and last longer in a card`s battle
And, you can use your slower cards to play later on to activate and cause damage toward enemy`s cards.

For further, you will have to fuse the cards to get more interesting stats and special powers.
To fuse them, you need two maxed out cards of the same type

On the other side, you must purchase new card with gold that you will get from every successful victory when battling with the enemy`s cards

In the way of getting this gold, you can replay older stages on higher difficulty which you have completed before

Once getting 100 gold, you can go to the store and get the basic pack for new cards deck.
With these new cards, you will get at least some extra dust for the upgrading process

Meanwhile, joining a guild will allow you to get more gold coins
It is caused by a guild can increase the amount of gold you get by up to 50 percent.

Plus, always be sure to check out the quests and try to complete them where you will get a bunch of rewards form it such as gold
You can also play the Bounties to get even more gold and rank up, while taking part in the events to get even more rewards.

In addition, by playing this game for a while and getting victory form the card`s battles, you will get your card deck to be stronger than before

After making some progresses through the game, your cards will get better and better then you can manage to build up your strategy to beat all the opponents in the game.


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