Gold Coins Cheats in Rival Stars Basketball Android

Looking from the review of this game, it is a new basketball card battling game that allows you to go to the outcome of every match you play.

rival stars basketball strategy guides ios android

Playing this game will bring you to be the one who with a collection of star players and you will be the pantheon of legends.

Furthermore, you will be able to draft some popular athletes and use their skills with fully-animated star player cards.
Then, you can also make thrilling clutch plays with a swipe of your finger with steals, passes, shots, and dunks

On the other side, you should also manage card management with infinite strategy and plays then claim outstanding prizes with regular online tournaments

Along the game, every time you play in a match takes energy, and once you run out of energy you normally will not be able to play again until you either buy more energy, or you can wait for it to come back.
However, you will be able to get it back for free, by doing the time lapse tricks
Here, just set the time ahead on your phone or your tablet.
Make sure to set it ahead by enough time to regenerate all of your energy that you have used, then when you go back to the game it will be restored there.

Once doing this, go back to the game, and all of that energy that you just restored will still be there.
Afterwards, just set the time to normal again
Anyway, you will be able to do this trick as many times as you want without having to deal with a phone or tablet with an insanely inaccurate time on it.

Later on, you will have offensive and defensive matchups during the match.
In line with this, you must either pick a defender who can beat your opponent’s offensive choice, or a player whose offense beats your opponent’s defensive choice.
Here, you will not know who your opposing team will pick, so make sure your team is well rounded and pick differently based on who your opponent has already previously picked against you.

For further, you will have to level up player cards with unwanted player cards which that you can sacrifice.
At this point, your rarest and best players will be the ones who are the beneficiaries of the level ups
And, the players who are weak and you no longer need are the ones who should be sacrificed, in which you do not need them anymore for any other reason
According to this, you should not consider there are no real teams or players in this game.

Moreover, in order to increase their rarity, or their star rating, you can evolve cards.
If you have more card that has already been leveled up by enhancing, you will get better statistics after evolution.

In addition, after evolution, their level will be back down to 1, in which it is to make for some quick level ups, and some quick stat boosts as well.


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