Gold Coins Cheats in OK KO! Lakewood Plaza Turbo iPhone

Cartoon Network associated with Turner Broadcasting System have developed OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo – An Action-Packed Brawler Beat ‘Em Up Game and delivered it smoothly on the apple store on this month

ok ko lakewood plaza turbo walkthrough ios android

This game can be said as a new beat-em-up or RPG hybrid game that you can play both on the iOS and Android platforms.

Along the game, all you will do is to quest through various levels, while defeating enemies and bosses such as the Lord Boxman, and try completing quests for your allies in the Lakewood Plaza area.

To beat Lord Boxman, you must learn new fighting moves, unlock special attacks and use powerful items to stop his army trying to conquer the city

In this game, you will need to restock on coins as you will them all
Also, you will run around the plaza and the forest, while punching everything such as trash cans, oil drums, and whatnot you meet there

Each time, you do that you will get coins
And, when moving to a new area, they will regenerate, so you can gather up more coins there

Besides, you must also complete quests at the plaza and start talking to your other allies there.
There, they will send you out on quests to complete
Usually, you will be asked to collect a specific object
Then, when you get enough of that object, their store will reopen, in which you will have to reopen the entire strip mall in Lakewood Plaza.

By completing these quests, you will get anything from new objects to heart pieces
Moreover, if you have more heart pieces, you can take more damage which will really be useful to beat enemies.

Here, you will also learn a whole lot more moves as you go on
In line with this, you can check the items menu to see what you can use there
And, make sure to check the map menu to see where you are in the over world as you will get hints

In addition, you can watch the ads since they will allow you to pass from an old area into a new one. Sometimes, once watching the ad videos, you will get free items in form of coins and any other items


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