Gold Coins Cheats in Dragon Seekers Android

Good Feel has a new game wrapped in Dragon Seekers where you will be brought to play as an adventurer having a voyage across the sea to travel across memorable locations, perilous dungeons, and deadly creatures and to hunt down monsters for gold coins and glory

dragon seekers walkthrough ios android

Early on the game, you simply select one of four distinct classes, namely Warrior, Mage, Cleric or Thief then seek out the ultimate material such as a feather from the Dragon of Time, a legendary beast that has the ability to travel through each location

Always keep a record of your adventures on your Timeline where you can track what items you have traded, what monsters you have beaten, and what equipment you have used to beat them
With this Timeline, you can record your journey from start to finish.

On the other side, you will also go for a complex crafting and fusion system where you can use the different materials to make and customize a wide variety of armor and weaponry.
Here, all you will do is to create more powerful gear and set off in search of rarer and more valuable materials
Or, you can sell your handiwork at trading bazaars in a player-driven economy.

In this game, the battle can start automatically, where you can choose Auto-battle when you enter a dungeon, or returning to town during a battle.
Or you can do it manually in which you can control your hero when fighting against enemies.

In the battlefield, you must learn strategies, including smart attacking methods and item collecting.
The warrior is a hero coming with the highest HP and high defense, and he can take monsters’ attacks
He cannot heal as often, but he can attack more so you can let him take a few attacks then heal all the damage at once with Recover or other healing magic.

When dealing with enemies, you cannot just use block attacks with Cover
To handle this, you have to use Strong Blow, double attacks, or multiple-target attacks to counter powerful attacks from enemies

When going for a battle for the first time, you can use the mage’s Fire in which after Fire hits, it continues to deliver fire damage over 3 turns.
At this point, damage from the first hit will be reduced by an amount equal to the enemy’s defense, but the values of the additional damage are fixed.

Every time you get victory in the battle, be sure to collect materials as the top priority as you will have 1 turn to collect materials from an enemy after beating it.
In accordance with this, the purpose of exploring dungeons and beating monsters is to get some materials, just get them when it is possible.

Anyway, if you defeat enemies successively you will not be able to collect their materials, so you have charged Collect before you beat them.
At this phase, if you have the Collect All skill, you will also be able to gather materials.

As usual, this game will also feature gold coins as the premium currency
During in the first launch of this game, you will be able to collect those gold coins for free

In the event of a celebration of the release of Dragon Seekers for both Android and Facebook, every time you log in with your Facebook ID from their Android device, you will be rewarded with 300 gold coins
Then, you will be able to get your gold coins in-game at the Guild after linking your Facebook account.


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