Gold Coins Cheats in Angry Birds Stella Pop iPhone

Rovio Entertainment has just launched their newest series of Angry Birds called Angry Birds Stella Pop
This new series is a kind of brand new revolutionary mechanics and game ideas with a new match three title that will challenge you to complete all stages with three star ratings

angry birds stella pop walkthrough ios android

The main point in this game is to match as high up as possible in order to drop a ton of balls without having to waste time on them.
Here, you should look at the whole to create a match that will result in the drop of a ton of balls and work your way to get there in a quick time

You can also try switching the balls between them that will be an extremely effective way of winning each level easier.
At this point, you merely tap the ball under the sling to replace the one already selected
Afterward, you can then use it to your own advantage to cruise through the levels

Once getting through some levels, you will need to unlock streak power that will give you a huge advantage.
Be sure to keep the streaks going and match until you fill it to unlock the super power
On the other side, you can also make a nice combination of bubbles available, by setting up the road first then going for a streak.

Later on, you will need to master the wall-shots so that you can reach the hard to get places and cruise through the levels.

This game will require lives to play in each level
If you are about to run lives in this game, you can connect the game with your Facebook account
For such reasons, you can compare high scores, and you can ask your friends to send you extra lives
With these more lives, you can continue playing for making the best score.

Along the game, you can also use the power-ups for free
At this point, you should try to stick to those power ups for as long as possible and use them wisely to make the difference and help you beat a level at ease.

In order to get more stars, you must keep replaying and completing a very difficult level, in which you will get a great setup of bubbles and an even better set of bubbles to shoot so that you will beat the game in quick time for stars.
Besides stars, you will also be rewarded with some coins which are the premium currency of this game

Alternatively, you can also purchase some gold coins package which are available on the iap store
If yo are lucky, you will see some free offers in form of videos advertisement there in that you will have to watch them for having more free gold coins


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