Gold Coins Cheats for Rare Heroes Pack in Dot Empires iPhone

Dot Empires made by Heng Xue can be included into new hybrid game which is the combination of Strategy and RPGs style in 3D Action that you can play both on the ios and android devices

dot empires walkthrough ios android

Similar to any strategy game, you will have to build up your own Town Hall and you will also be assigned to control of a variety of high fantasy heroes then send them to invade other kingdom for resources in form of gold coins, exp stone and runes

On the other side, you will also join the Alliance or the Tribes to help each other during in a fight with other clans

Early on the game, you will have to keep up with the main quest line located on the left side of the screen.
Relying on these quests will make your base stay up-to-date, and your heroes and troops will get stronger to deal with foes in the battlefield
Moreover, you will also get a lot of rewards once competing the quests

Also, think to summon a free hero once daily, since you can build up a sizable army
In line with this, you will use your runes to summon a new hero fast

Once summoning your heroes, do not forget to upgrade your hero skills once gaining a fair amount of levels on your main heroes
You can do this by tackling the event dungeons.
There inside the event dungeons, the enemies will get a chance to drop Skill Experience books.
So, you can use these books to increase your heroes’ skills which will make the most powerful ones

Meanwhile, you will be tasked to get three stars in every level
To get all of them, try to destroy every single building and unit in the enemy base.
In the mean time, you can use your hero skills once they are fully charged

Always consider to train enough basic troops to supplement your heroes.
Here, you can train Guards to soak up damage for the heroes

Each hero here will come along with three slots for equipment namely Weapon, Armor, and Accessory.
And, gear will do a lot for a hero’s stats, so you must try to equip all of your heroes with good stuff or equipment

For such reasons, you can find additional equipment from chapter chests or from the levels themselves during the gameplay.

In addition, this game will feature gold coins as the premium currency of this game
As said earlier, completing quest will give you more resources such as gold coins, runes and exp stone
Therefore, you can rely on these quests to farm more gold coins

Plus, each time you get victory in the battle, you will also be granted with more rewards in form of gold coins
Once having more gold coins, you can use them to power up your base


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