Gold Coins Cheats for Big Words in Spellspire iPhone

Spellspire from 10tons Ltd can be included into a combination of a new word game and action role playing game for the ios and android devices where you get to spell words by selecting letters from a grid then shoot them from your wand as spells.

spellspire walkthrough ios android

If you can spell the word longer, you will get bigger blast
From what you are doing there, you will be rewarded with gold dropped by slain monsters that you can use to get more potent wands, hats and robes with magical special effects and abilities.

During the game, you cannot use the same word twice
However, you can use versions of the same word.

On the other side, you will be able to make a load of quick words with past tense, plurals and singular words
In the mean time, you can then change one or two letters in the word to make the other quick word.

Besides, you will be assigned to get stars that you can get in any other way
To do so, all you will do is to replay the old levels
At that moment, you can accomplish the level without taking any damage, in which you will need to unleash words at a rapid speed, so that the enemies will not have a chance to beat you.

When you are about to collect stars, you must upgrade your wand so that you will have more attack power, which will be handy to speed through a level without getting hit.

For further, every floor in this game will feature one possible star to collect.
Also, you will be able to earn an extra coin bonus from what you are doing there

Later on, you will get to upgrade that you can unlock based either on how many stars you have, or what the highest floor is that you have beaten
For such reasons, when you get more stars or make it to a higher floor, be sure to go to the equipment purchase menu and check if you have nice stuff to collect there

Moreover, you can also upgrade your pre-existing equipment multiple times to make it more powerful.
You can prioritize wands, hats, and robes which will really be useful to get more stars or to overcome a tough floor.

Gold coins seem to be the premium currency of this game
In order to collect these coins, make sure to upgrade your equipment evenly.
Make sure to upgrade your current wand, hat or robe
Do this when you are about to go to a new floor.

In this game, every enemy will come along with a weakness to a certain element.
Sometimes, you will need to change your gear up
Here, you should also purchase the first star unlockable item, the Monsterpedia which will inform you all of the monsters you have fought, in which you will learn their weaknesses

As said earlier, you will not be able to use the same word twice
After casting a spell using a word, that same word cannot be used for the rest of that level.
Therefore, you must save your big words for the bigger monsters or the boss who guard chests full with powerful items.


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