Gold Coins Cheats Drift Spirits Android

Drift Spirits from Bandai Namco Entertainment can be categorized into an exciting new of drift racing game that you can play on ios and android devices

drift spirits walkthrough ios android

Early on this game, you will select one out of three 3 star cars to be your first car.
You will then learn how to time your drift that you can do by tapping the steering wheel right as your front tires hit the yellow mark that signifies the beginning of the drift zone.

In the mean time, by revving the engine at the correct RPMs as indicated by the green light by your tachometer, you will get a boost off the starting line.
Once going through some stages, you will get a nitrous oxide upgrade in which you can use it right after your initial boost off the starting line.

But, you can use it by holding back and waiting to see how quick your opponent drives there.
So, just use them to make up for a bad drift, or to beat out an opponent in the last push to the finish line.

Moreover, you will also get a steady stream of parts and cars.
Here, cars and parts are rated by stars, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best.

In order to get more parts and cars, be sure to log in this game daily as you will get 10 free parts through the CP order.
You can use them to improve your higher-end parts by combining them.

Also, you can get tickets and expended to gain higher end parts.
Having the red tickets will automatically give you at least a four-star vehicle, with a 1% chance to get a coveted five-star car.

Meanwhile, having the gold tickets will provide you a random chance at getting a high-end vehicle or part as these parts are the majority of your best equipment.
To get those kind of tickets, just make sure to log in the game regularly then try winning races as well.

If you can be a champion in each race, you can get some useful parts and more cars.
On the other side, you can also take part in the daily events that will allow you to run races in four different difficulties to win a certain class of part.

By getting a victory in that event, you will also win a part
Plus, you will usually get a four or sometimes five-star part on the last race.
At this point, just try to take all of the parts you have got for the racing series then mix them together to get a massive level up.

Beside getting some parts in that event, you will also be rewarded with gold, the premium currency of this game

With a bunch of gold that you have collected from the event, you can use them to purchase new cars and part orders for your car.
Furthermore, you will also get some good items, and you can move forward a little faster.

You can also get a fair amount of high-end items on your racing adventure, and just combine your lesser items with a better item to level it up for a stat boost that will give you the very best equipment for your car.
Always remember not to make the mistake of combining every single time you get a new part as the process will need coins

For further, you will also need gasoline after going through some races.
In line with this, every time you gain a driver level your tank will be refilled automatically.
Therefore, if it is about to run out of your gas, you can do more races, so that you will get more free gasoline as a reward

In addition, always check the special race events as they will give you a chance to get more coins, tickets, and even new cars if you can win one of the events


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