Gold Coins Cheats Cooking Dash 2016 iPhone

Glu Games has presented a cooking management game that is wrapped in Cooking Dash 2016 where you will guide Flo to cook her way to TV fame in order to be a celebrity chef ever

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To be the number 1 chef in this game, you will have to sharpen your skill to prepare, cook, assemble and serve some delicious dishes in each exotic restaurant and in front of a live studio audience

Early on this game, just keep items on the grill, as it will get easy to serve your customers fast, so that you will get the bigger tip in form of gold and coins, the main currencies in this game

Later on, be sure to upgrade your grill and gain new spots.
Always remember not to overcook of leave food for too long on the grill as it will burn it

By using two hands, you can save time on multiple trips by double upping on the stuff you need.
As an illustration, if you are at the uncooked food bar and you need something chopped and something grilled, you can get both right away and do it all in one trip

On the other side, you can queue up multiple actions to take.
Tapping on one action to another will make Flo proceed to the first item
Afterward, once it is finished automatically, you can go to the next item.
So, just queue up to around five actions
Remember not to queue up more than you need to, as there is no way to cancel actions.

In this game, tips is the way you collect money in form of gold coins
In line with this, getting the first tip will be a key to attract more customers
To collect the tip, you can intentionally leave tips on the counter to make some breathing room for yourself.
However, you are timed on each level so if you do this you essentially prevent yourself from making more money in the long run
Thus, just do this in an emergency when you may find consumer not to come in time period.

This game will also rely on stars as your achievement in each level
Each level will get you five stars to earn.
If you can make money from the dishes you serve to the customer, you will get more stars.

Anyway, if you can manage to get all five stars on a level, you will be granted with a special bonus in form of gold bars, the premium currency of the game
You can get these gold bars when you have got 5 stars and level up in each level
Once getting enough gold, you can upgrade certain parts of the kitchen

Be sure to purchase the the grill upgrades as they open up more spaces on the grill.
With this tool, you can speed up production in a big way, so that you can get more happy customers that will come to more money or gold coins

Meanwhile, upgrading food will give you more coins for that particular dish
And, upgrading decor will make your customers more patient to wait their menu to serve.

Always serving the longer customers first as the top priority
You can anticipate this as every customer has a bar next to them.
That bar indicates in green and drains over time
If you let this bar go down to long, they will leave behind the less money when you finally serve them. Thus, focus on your current customers and serve the one who has been waiting the longest first as this is the way to make a bunch gold coins in this game.


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