Gold Coins Cheat in SimCity BuildIt iPhone

After getting launched yesterday, now SimCity BuildIt is coming to be the most popular game both on ios and android by the end of this year

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In this game, you will be given with a bunch of challenges while enjoying city-building and resource-collecting games.
Anyway, you must be burgeoning city-planners out by ensuring your city’s starting foundation as solid as possible.

At beginning of the game, each time you place a residential zone in this game, make sure the zone is not covered by the necessary city services
It is caused by, the building will ultimately become abandoned and it will not generate any tax income

When placing fire stations, police stations, etc, look at their area of effect.
Make sure you have the most coverage possible, in which do not place a fire station right in the corner of your city zone, as the fire station’s area of effect will be overflowing into the deadzone, where you cannot build.
You can place fire stations to blanket the residential areas, but left the industrial buildings well out of the zone.
Later on, do not cover your factories and service buildings with firefighter, police, etc.

To get more resources, make sure your factories must always be working all the time.
During the play, before leaving the game, queue up some of the resources with the faster turn-around, especially the ones that take extended amounts of time to produce in that you can see bubbles pop up with a gold coin in them.
If they get popped, a city informant will tell you of the potential to sell your resources for earning some coins.

When building your construction, just try to extend the road out and loop it around, or simply drag it into a dead-end.
Afterwards, you can then move the buildings to the freshly-paved road, then rotate the buildings in and out as needed.
When you have done that activity, you can either delete the new road, or simply leave it as is then have it become part of your city.

Furthermore, you can also build our city near the sewage processing plants that keep your city smelling fresh and awful
Plus, you can keep roads and buildings like factories as far away from your residents as possible.
On the other side, as long as your residents are attached to the road, they will service the city.

You can try to plop down buildings alongside new roads but pay attention to support those homes with utilities and services.

Meanwhile, in order to farm resources to build up your residential areas, you must use your factories. Every time a residential building is constructed or upgraded, it contributes a bunch of coins that you can use to purchase utilities, more factories, or city services such as fire stations and sewage plants.

This game features the currencies which are gold and cash
In the way of collecting gold coins, you can earn them by taxes from your residents
If you want more coins here, you can simply sell your resources

Always remember not to rush to fill up your whole map with buildings and roads.
Concentrate on a portion of the map to start, or you will just be stretching your resources too thin and you will be hard to make much progress.
If you want to earn some more income, you can try to build bigger buildings as some people will live in it, which will come to pay you taxes as your income.


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