Gold Coins Cash Cheats in Fast & Furious Legacy iPhone

Kabam has recently presented Fast & Furious Legacy, a racing game specifically for iOS and Android platforms, in which this game is the sequel to the previous title Fast Fast & Furious 6: The Game.

fast and furious legacy walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you will freely do your stunts where you can drift, drag race, race through traffic, and more challenging actions
At the same time, you will also be assigned to gather up coins and gold to build up the size of your garage and the speed of your cars.

In each race, the launch will be the most important thing on your overall race.
Because of this, just try to set yourself up for success that you can do by starting with the best launch in each stage.

To do the best launch, be sure to move the needle into the optimal rev range before the countdown ends, then as soon as the “1” disappears from the countdown screen, you must go hurry to tap the launch button to take off your car.
Moreover, if you blow the launch your car will cause you to have to play catch-up early on.

Sometimes, you will get involved in the racing through traffic.
When being in that section, try to get behind cars so that you can draft them
In the mean time, you can pull around them into the next lane over
At this time, be sure to pull the lane that has another car so that you can do it all over again as soon as possible.
Also, you can pull two lanes over to pass cops as they will likely shoot out into the next lane and foil your passes.

Once getting through some races, you will earn gold coins that you can use to do some upgrades
In related to these upgrades, be sure to take the top priority on upgrade engine first, then tires, and NOS, etc.

Anyway, if you need more upgrade parts, race over and over again to get more coins that you can go for a bunch of coins.
Be sure to try winning races, so that you will earn money that you should save it
On the other side, you will have leftover coins for a new car later on.

With your money and coins, you can also purchase customizations and decorations for your car.
In line with this, if you customize and decorate your car, you will earn bonus coins after winning a race.

In order to get more bonus coins with your customization, be sure to have a few races and you will see the extra income to come to you, and you will also get a chance to build up your upgrade parts.

To earn more cash and gold, you can try to compete in the challenge races and the ranked races
Taking part in this challenge will not only give you extra cash and gold, but you will get extra car parts as well.
Sometimes, you will also be able to get a free car if you can try to put your car on top 1 position in each challenge.
Always check out any limited time events from the developers, as those events will provide you some good rewards to collect.


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