Gold Cheats to Get 5 Stars Hero in Era of Heroes iPhone

If you are a fan of tcg or trading card game, you may hear that a new card collecting RPG game called Era of Heroes by babeltime has come to the apple store

era of heroes walkthrough ios android

Along the game, you are tasked to get cards to make a team of heroes to battle with enemies card for victory and gold

Later on, you will collect your heroes with other unique cards to power up your whole team.
Here, you can also draw lots to get to help your team win the battle.
In order to get these 5 star Hero Diao Chan, all you will do is to login 5 days regularly.

Once getting your heroes, be sure to level up them up by playing the missions
In line with this, you must manually increase your heroes’ level to the maximum one

Later on, you can also replay the stages to get specific of equipment or items that you will need to level up your heroes.
When doing so, you can try to go for the stages with fewer items on the Reward list on any stage

Besides, you can also replay the boss battle to get the War Souls that will be handy to enhance your heroes and unlock top heroes.

According to this line, you will only be able to replay boss stages 5 times and regular stages 10 times daily

When replaying the older stage, just tap the Skip button in the lower right corner to speed it up.
Then, after reaching level 30 in the game, you can use an auto play battles more than once from the battle menu
Doing this will be useful to replay the stages for equipment and other loot.

To play in later stages, you will need more stamina through plunder in that you can select the easy targets in the stage
In the mean time, you can also use the loot options to get the most powerful weapons
Plus, you can also get pets for your heroes and increased states.
So, just try to improve your stats through the Plunder

Except leveling up your heroes, you must also level up your equipment and pets as well.
At this point, you can use the Fast Equip option for all your heroes
Then, you can start upgrading to level 10 on your first hero.

Once doing so, you can continue to play a few battles as well as using the Fast Quip again on your remaining heroes
Doing that step will also be useful to add any extra equipment for your heroes
For further, just upgrade everything to level 10 on your second hero then keep on doing this for the other heroes.

This game will offers you some nice rewards by logging the game daily
You can get free hero recruits and more items by doing such action.
So, just always check out everything in an exclamation mark to grab all the rewards that will be handy to improve all of your heroes stats in the game.


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