Gold Cheats Take The Cake Match 3 Puzzle iPhone

Take The Cake from XI ART can be categorized into a new match three puzzler game that you can play on both the iOS and Android devices.

take the cake match 3 puzzle walkthrough ios android

In this game, you will play as a little girl who has to rescue the cake from whatever bizarre obstacles are encasing it that you can do by matching cake in the same color and form
In the mean time, you will also have to help some odd-looking animals in each level

Similar to any matching 3 puzzler game, you will be given with five lives during in a level
And, when you lose a life, you will have got a 30 minute timer to get it back.

Anyway, you can skip the timer by doing a time lapse trick
At this point, just set the time ahead on your phone by half an hour per life that you want to get back.
Later on, just keep doing that action for having more energy.

Afterward, be sure to set the time back to normal, and you will still keep all of your fresh lives there.
When doing this trick, you must make sure to set your phone into airplane mode

In related to the cake bombs and the line-clearing cakes, you must try mixing the two together while clearing 3 lines, all next to each other.

In the mean time, you will also be able to combine either piece with the hard candy to turn every single piece of that color into a bomb cake or a line-clearing cake.
Just try mixing two hard candies together to make the whole board disappear at a time.

Always remember that during in the game, do not go to the menu in the middle of a level, or quit the level, as you will lose a life.
If you do not want to lose a life, you can simply close out of the entire game
For further, you can restart levels as many times as you want by doing this tip.

Here, you will be tasked to complete some goal in each level
Before starting to complete it, you must check what the goal is on a stage
Usually, if you do not check the goal, you might end up going for the wrong goals and losing a stage.
To complete each goal in a quick time, you can use your power ups sparingly

As usual, this game will come with a currency in form of gold
In order to get that currency, you will have to complete each level successfully

Meanwhile, you will also have to gain high score by making some combo moves throughout each level
The more you make more score, the more gold you will earn in that level
Or, if you want to get more gold fast, you can merely purchase it from iaps

With enough gold that you have earned through each stage, you will be able to use it to get power up that will help you accomplish every goal on a stage


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