Gold Cheats in WinterForts Exiled Kingdom Android

Execution Labs has now come with a new MMORTS game, named WinterForts: Exiled Kingdom in which this game is kind of like a castle building

winterforts exiled kingdom walkthrough strategy ios android

In this game, you will be able to take on the Clashalike experience, along with the maze-building and maze-blocking gameplay added in on top of the castle-smashing battle system.

Later on, you will go on a raid and you have to keep any of your troops who were not killed, then you are able to hit the 1x button to toggle the speed of the battle, to either 2x or back to 1x, so that you can double the battles in the same amount of time.

During in the battle, plan your strategy at the beginning of your move
In line with this, you can use a smart blend of Melee and Ranged troops, and you can use them in just the right away for the best strategy.

Having ranged troops will be a good idea at picking off buildings from a far, in that you can send them out far away from the defenses to shoot them.
Because of this, the enemies will not be able to reach your kingdom easily

Afterwards, you can then send in Melee troops on the new flags.
At this point, you can send them in via the old flags on the outskirts to draw enemy troops away, then you can send them in on the new flags.

Protect your own base with walls, as you will want to hollow out the biggest and most convoluted maze that you can in order to force enemy troops to walk around and expose themselves to your defenses.

On the other side, you must save your gold and your potions so that you can get rid of the darker snow that gets in the way of building good mazes.

Meanwhile, make sure to always look around on the outskirts of your kingdom.
Usually, you will be able to find dead serpents that can be harvested for food out here
Plus, you will also find piles of gold ore that can be harvested for gold.

Moreover, be sure to search for the treasure chests as well
It is caused by, when you harvest them, you will be able to earn free gems which is the premium currency of the game.
Also, always search for more chests outside of the kingdom then hire more builders as you find them.

In addition, build your defenses which are up to snuff, with your catapults and cannons upgraded as high as possible.
Then, place them in strategic locations around your maps.
And, put them within range of as much walking path as possible so that they will be able to take out enemy fighters for as long as possible.


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